Charles Dwyer
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b. 1961

"Drawing is the foundation of everything...It's kind of primal" - Charles Dwyer
   Charles Dwyer was born in Wisconsin in 1961. In 1984, he graduated as Valedictorian of his class from the Milwaukee School of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Arts. Dwyer’s artistic passion and curiosity led him to Europe where he studied the work of his greatest influences; Klimt, Schiele, Delanay and Matisse. While in Europe, Dwyer developed a passion for fine art restoration. Upon returning home, he focused his talents on preserving some of America’s most prestigious paintings and murals. 

   Dwyer pulls from an endless set of techniques, mediums, and inspirations in his artwork. His experience with art restoration is evident in the ease with which he manipulates a variety of materials.  His art is referential to historic artists, such as the decorative qualities of Klimt, without mimicking them. Dwyer is fascinated by fashion magazines from the 30’s and 50’s, often pulling imagery and inspiration from their pages. 

   Dwyer uses these techniques and references in a process that is natural and spontaneous. He will begin several compositions at once by creating color planes in a variety of media such as graphite, ink, paint and pastel.  Dwyer incorporates text and design and will collage in clippings from his favorite vintage fashion magazines.  It is at this point that each artwork takes on its individual identity, when the ethereal, elegant, and sometimes provocative female figures emerge from the abstracted background.  The end result of his work contains a beautiful balance of intricacy and simplicity.  While the background is filled with what seems to be infinite intuitive gestures, the female form unifies the otherwise chaotic composition.

   It is Dwyer’s raw, artistic ability, compositional intuition, and instinctive risk-taking that makes his work stand out in the contemporary art realm. He continues to experiment and push the borders of art making, most recently reinterpreting the techniques of printmaking and photography.  Dwyer is an avant-garde artist in every sense of the term, and for this reason, his artwork is widely sought out by galleries and collectors.  The unexpected imagery found in Dwyer’s elegant, almost classical female forms provoke endless interpretation and exploration.    


2018   Body Language: Revelations of Expression, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2016   Gallery Night, Milward Farrell Fine Art, Madison, WI
2015   Grand Opening, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA
2014   The Art Of Charles Dwyer, Merritt Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2014   Art Hamptons, Newbury Fine Arts
2013   Art Hamptons, Newbury Fine Arts
2011   Figure In Transition, One Man Show, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston
2010   Group Figurative show, Newbury Fine Arts
2009   Figurative Show, Newbury Fine Arts
2008   Figurative group show February, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA
2007   Figurative Show April, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA
2006   Figurative group show March Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA
2005   Figurative group show February, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA
2004   Two Man Show : Charles Dwyer and Steven Stroud, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston MA
1994   Playboy Enterprises, Inc., Atrium Gallery, Chicago, Solo show
1997   Art Expo Art expo Miami
1992-  Art Expo New York


Museum of Wisconsin Art – West Bend, WI
Commissioned as an official artist for Chicago's ART EXPO 93
Wisconsin State Capital - Madison, WI
Minnesota State Capital - Minneapolis, MN
Cathedral of the Assumption - Louisville, KY
Pabst Brewery - Milwaukee, WI
St. Louis Union Station - St. Louis, MI
St. Mary's Church - Victoria, TX
University of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, IN
All Faiths Chapel - Boystown, NE
St. Josaphat's Basilica - Milwaukee, WI
St. Louis Cathedral - New Orleans, LA
Egyptian Theatre - Ogden, UT
Hawaii Theatre - Honolulu, HI
Holy Ghost Church - Kula, Maui
Geary Theatre - San Francisco, CA
Orpheum Theatre - Phoenix, AZ
Pfister Hotel - Milwaukee, WI
Stone Manor - Lake Geneva, WI
St. Patrick's Church - New Orleans, LA
St. Bernard's Church - Akron, OH
IXL Historical Museum - Hermansville, MI