Craig Alan

b. 1971

   “Inspiration begins with a 'What if...' as I consider alternate imagery, surfaces, effects, results, etc. It
comes from the past in conjunction with now. Like a bolt of lightning.” Craig Alan

   Craig Alan's collections run the gamut from abstract expressionism to haunting, graphic realism, each
individual piece a reflection of his unique vision. His prolific career is a culmination of textbook artistic
knowledge and keen aesthetic sense, one developed not through intensive schooling but deep within
recesses of this artist's brilliant mind.

   Once moving from San Bernardino, California, Craig’s birthplace, the Alan family transferred to New
Orleans. It was there that Craig spent his childhood and began to develop an appreciation for visual
theatrical interpretation. His artistic soul took root and his creativity awakened. His earliest paintings
captured the form of portraits of the city’s people as he encountered them: calling the drawings street

   This early style is the core of Craig Alan’s work. The human form and persona has been a constant
source of inspiration and exploration. He completed his art studies at University of Mobile and at one
point was celebrated achieving “academic excellence” within the University’s prestigious exhibit “Art
With A Southern Drawl”. With a minor concentration in theatre, Alan learned techniques in makeup,
set and costume design. He witnessed the dramatic transition created backstage. Fantasy, beauty
both became part of Alan’s vision. He began to acquire technical skills by taking jobs as a frame
designer in addition to working at the theatre.

   As a picture framer, Alan learned how to create a shadow box frame. Furthermore, he has
incorporated this technical skill most uniquely in his contemporary elaborate “Dress Series”. The artist
intricately builds a shadow box and within it he assembles a three dimensional costume, which seems
to come to life as a beautiful magical vision. Using canvas, wood, Mylar, oil, acrylic with accents of
Swarovski crystals and delicate tulle, Craig Alan’s concocts an artwork that which seems to beckon a
modern day fairy tale. This series is considered a sculptural painting and it is this combination of
medium, which makes his art so compelling. The beauty is haunting.

   Blending disparate influences and media is visually apparent in all of Alan's works, which demonstrate
a broad knowledge and appreciation of the human form as well as the colorful world these beings
occupy. Combining his skills into elaborate textures, hues and compositions, Alan's provocative
images reveal both a technical sophistication as well as an elaborate imagination.

   The Populus series is another example of Craig Alan’s unique aesthetic perspective. Here Alan
explores human form as tiny specs on a canvas and upon close inspection, their fully developed
figures are discovered. The story of inspiration that the artist retells about the birth of the Populus
paintings reveals his uncanny eye and creative stimulus.

   It began with a casual visit to his mother in Florida where he stood out on her balcony. Looking down,
he caught the distant festive sounds of a wedding party and with camera in hand he began adjusting
his lens, capturing the far away celebratory group. In his heart he felt something utterly magical as he
snapped away but once developing his film, he understood what he discovered to be a new avenue for
his art. He saw before him, the interesting patterns: the people became elemental aspects of a
composition and this thrilled him. Upon close inspection, each figure is intricately painted.
In art history we learn to appreciate art both close up as well as from a distance and few artists have
been as successful as Craig Alan in exploring perspective within perspective.

   Newbury Fine Arts is honored to represent and exhibit Craig Alan’s work in Boston. The gallery will continue to highlight new paintings by the artist, which promise to inspire and delight.



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1998 University of Mobile, AL.

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