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France Jodoin
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   “Thematically, I remain completely engaged in the exploration of the marine as a landscape form. I prefer to call the images I create marines because in practice the term often covers art showing as much shipping on rivers, beach scenes and all art showing boats, the sea and the coast, without any rigid distinction.” – France Jodoin

   Born in a small countryside village of Québec, Canada, France Jodoin, her six sisters and twin brother were all creative and constantly engaged in different art projects.  It was not until she was in her early twenties that France went to the MoMA for her first museum visit, where she was profoundly affected by a Francis Bacon painting. In addition to Francis Bacon, Jodoin’s paintings have been greatly influenced by the artwork of Joseph Mallord William Turner, Rembrandt, Gustave Moreau, Émile Fryant, and Kevin Sonmor.

   The intricate interplay of light, movement, and color are the essence of France Jodoin’s paintings. These elements intuitively depict her visual sensations. Over the past few years France Jodoin’s work has been largely focused upon landscape and maritime oil paintings. These scenes are metaphors for space lived in through time rather than momentary representations of existing geographical places. Jodoin studies light and the effects to her approach are gestural.

   France Jodoin is primarily an oil painter who also sketches, works with watercolours and creates prints in sugar lift and aquatint. While her subjects include seascapes and landscapes, peopled beach scenes, harbors, boats both moored and on the water, as well as flowers, birds, apes, monkeys and gorillas, her deft, gestural handling of paint renders these with a distinct and contemporary sense of presence. When explaining her marine landscapes, Jodoin states: “My intention is to create a recognizable but, imaginary geography – focusing on the large and small spaces that exist between the sky and the sea that suggest infinity and the suspension of time…what strikes me is that the sky and the sea have very different and uneven temperaments. This is the concept I return [to the studio] with and which makes its way to the canvas. Because they are formed from memories, the images that emerge are more abstract than figurative, leaving room for people to interpret the ideas in their own way.”

   Jodoin abandons literal aesthetic depiction while focusing on personal reactions or memories of a scene. These depictions are the fundamental ideas of modern art, which were first explored by the English Romanticists and French Impressionists. Romanticism was in part a reaction against the Industrial Revolution and the scientific rationalization of nature therefore, artists reacted by turning their focus towards the unpredictability and uncontrollable power of nature.  

   Her declared interest is “the very brevity of life itself,” and to that could be added an abiding concern with Otherness. Other places, other times, other people, even other species, all are watched over with care and intimacy in her works. She achieves this timely presence of the Other by treating paint, this fluid medium, as an elemental force driving her narratives in which mere depiction defers to an atmospheric quality that invites the eye to linger and into which the viewer then becomes enmeshed, implicated. When her works delve into history, it is as a perspective with which this presence of the Other can best be awoken, and to create a mise-en-scène in such a way that the contemporary viewer may construct their own particular signs and stories from the layered marks, washes, wipes and drips on the canvas.

   In her own words, “The fundamental impulse animating my creative process is to esteem time passing.” France Jodoin has been exhibiting in galleries and museums in Canada, the United States and Europe for the past fifteen years. France Jodoin has gained wide recognition in Canada as well as Europe. Her work is represented in public collections including the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts, Loto-Québec,  Cirque du Soleil. She lives and works in Cowansville, Quebec. Newbury Fine Arts is proud to be her sole representation in the Northern United States. Newbury Fine Arts is hosting France Jodoin’s 2018 One-Woman show, Painterly Novellas.


2023      Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
2023      Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
2023      Lily Pad Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, USA
2023      Shain Gallery, Charlotte, NC, USA
2022      Saint-Laurent + Hill Gallery, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2022      Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA, USA
2022      Gallery 421, Kelowna, BC, Canada
2021      Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2021      Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, ON, Cananda
2020      Solo Virtual Exhibition, Thompson Landry Gallery (through Art Gate), Toronto, ON, Canada
2020      Duran Mashaal Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada
2020      Shain Gallery, Charlotte, NC, USA
2020      Saint-Laurent + Hill Gallery, Ottawa, ON, Cananda
2019      Pryor Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA, United States
2019      Thompson Landry Gallery, ON, Canada
2018      Newbury Fine Arts, Painterly Novellas, Boston, MA, USA
2018      Duran Marhaal Gallery, QC, Canada
2018      Saint-Laurent + Hill Gallery, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2017      Centre Culturel Yvonne L. Bombardier, Valcourt, QC, Canada
2017      Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada
2017      Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
2016      Newbury Fine Art, Upcoming One Woman Show, Boston, MA
2016      Galerie Saint-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2015      Arts Sutton Gallery, Sutton, QC, Canada
2015      Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada
2015      Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2013      Bruck Museum, Cowansville, QC, Canada
2013      Christine Klassen Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada
2012      Galerie Théo de Seine, Paris, France
2012      Centre d’art de Kamouraska, QC, Canada
2011      Galerie Saint-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2010      Beaux-Arts des Amériques, Montreal, QC, Canada
2010      The Weiss Gallery, Calagry, AB, Canada
2009      Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2009      The Weiss Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada
2008      Beaux-Arts des Ameriques, Montreal,QC, Canada
2008      The Weiss Gallery, Calgary, AB, Canada
2007      Galerie Saint-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa, ON, Canada
2003      Galerie 1225, Montreal, QC, Canada
2003      Espace 306 (Belgo), Montreal, QC, Canada
2002      Sylviane Poirier Art Contemporain, Espace 234, Montreal, QC,Canada                                               


2021     Hubert Gallery, New York, NY, USA
2018     Shankill Castle, Paulstown, co. Kilkenny, Ireland
2016     Thompson Landry Gallery, Ontario, Canada
2015     Art 250, Waterville, Ireland
2014     Boston International Fine Art Show, Boston, MA, USA
2014     Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, ON, Canada
2014     ArtHamptons – International Fine Art Fair, NY, USA
2013     Collective Exhibition MAUVE, Cowansville, QC, Canada
2013     ArtHamptons – International Fine Art Fair, NY, USA
2012     Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts (with Kevin Sonmor), Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
2012     Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2012     Galerie Théo de Seine (with Patrick Cady), Paris, France
2012     Soirée des Beaux-Arts, Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada
2011     Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA, USA
2010     Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts, Sherbrooke, Canada
2010     Beaux-Arts des Amériques, Montreal, Canada
2008     The Weiss Gallery, Calgary, Calgary, Canada
2008     Beaux-Arts des Amériques, Montreal, Canada
2007     Beaux-Arts des Amériques, Montreal, Canada
2006     Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa , Canada
2005     Art Auction, Maisonneuve-Rosement Hospital Foundation, Montreal, Canada
2004-    Art Auction, Canadian Liver Foundation, Montreal, Canada
2004     Galerie 1225, Montreal, Canada
2004     James Baird Gallery, St. John’s, Canada
          Galerie Observatoire 4, Montreal, Canada
2003       Galerie Artus, Montreal, Canada
2002-    Thomas More Institute Annual Art Exhibition, Galerie Loto-Québec, Montreal, Canada
2002       Galerie Artus,  Montreal, Canada
2002       Cirque du Soleil, Montreal, Canada
2000      Mont Laurier Summer School, Quebec, Canada
2000       Expo-concours de Laprairie, Quebec, Canada
1999-97  Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts, Montreal , Canada
1996       Ottawa School of Arts, Ottawa, Canada


2013       Etching Techniques Course, Bishop’s University, Knowlton Campus, QC, Canada
2012       Aquatint and etching, Atelier Circulaire, Montreal, QC, Canada
2009-      Intaglio, Atelier Circulaire, Montreal, QC, Canada
2000       Portrait Course, Mont Laurier Summer School, QC, Canada
1996-      Mixed Media, Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts, Montreal, QC, Canada
1996       Drawing with the Model, Ottawa School of Arts, ON, Canada
1995       Creative Drawing, Glebe School of Arts, Ottawa, ON, Canada
1993       Intermediate Drawing, Manotick School of Arts, Ottawa, ON,    Canada


2018        Shankhill Castle, Paulstown, co. Kilkenny, Ireland
2016        Brisons Veor, Cape Cornwall, UK
2015        The Cill Rialaig Project, Ballinskelligs, co. Kerry, Ireland
2004        Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, Canada


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Susan Surette, MA, Part-time faculty, Department of Art History, Concordia University            
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Anthony Collins. "No Sailors without Waters" for the exhibition Simple Short Stories, 
   Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts, 2012
Chassé, Bernard. "Intuition" for the exhibition Nomades/Wanderers, Montréal, 2010


Susan Surette, “Making Monkes” for the exhibition “Nomads, players and voyeurs”,
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2000      First Prize, Expo-concours, Laprairie, Quebec, Canada


Cirque du Soleil
Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts
Elk Valley Coal


United States