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Ramon Lombarte
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b. 1956-2021

   Ramon Lombarte was born in Barcelona, Catalonia. This region of Spain is the cultural, financial and industrial centre of the country. Lombarte shares his rich artistic heritage with many famous Catalan artists such as Miro, Dali, Tobaiasse, Picasso, Gaudi and Tapies.

   Lombarte graduated from Massana School of Fine Art in 1976; the same school attended by Picasso and Miro. There he received traditional training and learned to create canvases without relying on modern-day shortcuts. Being a traditionalist, Lombarte does not work from photographs, but with live models. In his conceptual approach, Lombarte blends his traditional style with the contemporary, carefully choreographing his painted scenes where he re-examines intimacy and spirituality.

   In regards to the spiritual qualities of his recent works, Lombarte begins the process by anointing each painting, placing a single rose petal that has been sanctified during a Pooja ceremony in India on the top of the panel surface.  The organic form of the living organism is embedded underneath the paint and although barely perceptible, it is the energy of these paintings that essentially reveals its existence. Alternately, the intimate essence of Lombarte’s art is heightened by energy as well. He requires his models to spend time preparing for the formal sitting by composing their life story and sharing their personal life experience. Lombarte then proceeds to the next stage, sketching and producing many drawings. At this time, he begins to aesthetically conceptualize what he will explore during the formal artist model sitting. It is then that the magic unfolds and the deep intimacy is exposed. The effect is both poignant and powerful.

   Lombarte paints with acrylic on panel. Color value is a key component in Ramon’s imagery. His smooth brushwork and his rich, dark palette are contrasted with Mediterranean hues that are reflected and transmitted within his complex images.  Each composition is skilfully arranged by creating a spatial tension through asymmetrical form and dramatic contrast of light and shadow. Ramon Lombarte is a unique voice in the contemporary art world.


2018   Body Language: Revelations of Expression, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2011   Romance and Nostalgia, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2010   Annual Figurative Show, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2009   Annual Figurative Show, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2008   Annual Figurative Show, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2007   Annual Figurative Show, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, USA
2005   Galerie AT6, Carcassonne, Francia
2005   The Rolls Royce & The Formula 1, Galerie Klose, Essen, Germany Altstadt
2005   Galerie Lehnert, Mainz, Germany
2005   Lombarte, Art Gallery Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, Germany


Tsui Museum of Modern Art, Hong Kong
Appleleton Museum, Florida, USA
Kentucky Derby Museum, Kentucky, USA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Print Collection, Los Angeles, USA
Brenau University, Georgia, USA


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