Sam Park
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b. 1949

Sam Park was born in 1949 and grew up in Seoul, Korea.  His natural artistic talents were recognized almost immediately after enrolling in his first art class at the age of twelve.  He entered and won several prestigious national art competitions, one of which he remains the youngest person to ever compete.  Throughout his artistic development Park received support and encouragement from many important figures, including the former University president of Jo-Joo Island, Byun Si-Jin.  Si-Jin acted as his teacher and mentor, and most importantly instilled a need for progress and growth in Park and urged him to venture out of Korea to seek inspiration.

Park’s first major obstacle in his artistic journey was his father’s suppressive disapproval of his ambition to become an artist.  As the only boy in the family, it was expected that he pursue a career in business. As he continued to thrive and succeed artistically, tensions with his father heightened.  Eventually the conflict reached a dangerous level, forcing him to leave his home and move in with a friend in a nearby fishing village.  The countryside proved to be an artistic sanctuary for Park, providing a source of comfort, peace and inspiration.

After graduating from the Ung Ang University in 1973, Park was anxious to follow his mentor’s advice and study abroad.  Unfortunately Park’s lack of funds kept him in Korea where he made a meager living teaching art.  In 1984, Park participated in a national competition sponsored by the 1988 Seoul Olympic games.  With more than two thousand contestants in the competition, Park received the gold metal in oil painting and enough prize money to finally leave Korea and study abroad.

Park did not hesitate to move to Paris where he attended the Academy de la Grand Chaumiere.  His work is still profoundly influenced by the French Impressionists that he studied while there. As a student, Park once again found himself with very little money, so he began to sell his paintings on the street where he caught the eye of many successful art dealers who brought him around the world to exhibit his work.

Park’s success grew rapidly after studying in Paris and exhibiting abroad.  While in Greece he was greatly influenced by the beautiful Mediterranean cities and many notable figures began to collect his work.  He continued to travel throughout Europe until 1994 when he moved to Southern California where he now lives. 

Park’s exquisite neo-impressionist paintings of exotic locations and stunning vistas transform the walls they hang on into windows overlooking the picturesque locations from which they were painted.  His natural talent, drive and perseverance to become an artist have made him an international success, who we are proud to represent at Newbury Fine Arts.



Selected Collections
1986            Collection of Michael Dukakis (Former Governor of Massacussettes and presidential candidate)
1985            Collection of First Lady of Cyprus, Mrs. Kipriano (Five paintings hang in the Presidential Palace)
1984            Hyundai Corporation Headquarter Display
1984            Olympic Memorial Museum Display


Selected One-Person Exhibitions

2000            The Gallery, Naples, Florida
Atlas Gallery, Chicago, IL
Magni Frame Gallery, Willowdale, Canada
Hanson Gallery, Sausalito, CA
Kenneth Behm Gallery, Bellevue, WA
Gallerie Hawaii, Maui, HI
Hanson Gallery, Carmel, CA
Gallery One, Denver, CO
1999            Hanson Gallery, Sausalito, CA
Hanson Gallery, Carmel, CA
Atlas Gallery, Chicago, IL
Ventana Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Village Gallery, El Toro, CA
Whitbread, Coppell, TX
1997            Gallery Vincent (Cap D'Agd, France)
1997            Peter's Gallery (Cyprus)
1997            Gallery Eclipse (Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA)
1995-1997            Gallery Cosmopolitan (La Jolla, California, USA)
1995            Gallery Vincent (Ballery' France)
1994            Gallery Arete, (Athens, Greece)
1987-1990            GalleryArete (Athens, Greece)
1988            Gallery Vincent (Nice, France)
1985-1988            Hotel ApollonPalace (Athens, Greece)
1985-1988            Hotel Hilton (Cyprus)
1985            Peter's Gallery (Cyprus)

Selected Group Exhibitions and Competitions

2000            New York Art Expo
1999            New York Art Expo
1998            NewYork ArtExpo
1996- 1998Gallery Chetkins (Red Bank, New Jersey, USA)
1996            Gallery Juarez (Laguna Beach, California, USA)
1996            New York Art Expo, Los Angeles Art Expo
1995            Gallery Simic (Carmel, California, USA)
1993            Gallery Carnon (France)
1993            Gallery Riche (Montepellier, France)
1989            International Art Exhibition (Monte Carlo, France)
1984            Grand Prize, Olympic Memorial Fine Art Contest
1970-1984            Oriental Fine Art Exhibition
1983            Special Prize, Seoul Art Contest
1982 Bronze Prize, Le Salon Contest (France)