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Yoel Benharrouche

b. 1961

From soft pastel to light, from the poetic to the fantastic, the human to the divine, this is the path taken by Yoel Benharrouche, a renowned artist with a striking career. Born to deeply religious parents in Beersheva in 1961, he grew up in Aschdod where he soon developed a passion for the Scriptures and became a familiar face at various study centres. He arrived in Nice in 1974 and in 1985 completed his Fine Arts training, studying fundamental Jewish texts and teaching drawing.

His first canvases show great sensitivity, with an underlying taste for the Absolute and a search for new aesthetics, which express his mystical conception of Man and the World.

In 1993, he returned to Israel and set up home at the gateway to the desert and, against this grand background steeped in history and spirituality, gave free reign to his inspiration. Alongside his wife and five children, he sculpts and paints a world where the material becomes spiritual, and the lyricism of colours and the delicacy of forms are a celebration of the Creator and his Creation, mankind.

Benharrouche expresses the balance between the spiritual and material world through his work. He feels that one of our main goals in life is to find this balance and reveal it to our selves. His paintings are divided into four parts. The upper area represents spirituality, the lower is symbolic of the material world. The right side shows the force to give, such as giving objects from the right hand and the left is to show the force of the need to receive. The wheels, such as bicycle wheels he often uses symbolize the endless circle of life. The women in his work represent the blessing of the ability to bring life into the world.

Today, Benharrouche exhibits his works throughout the world. His works form part of many private collections and critics hail him as a confirmed and talented artist.

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