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b. 1951

Persian-born painter, Hessam Abrishami, creates works of art with amazing depth and dimension to intrigue and disarm the viewer. Hessam uses powerful expression, vibrant colors, and great imagination to create his dynamic compositions.

At fifteen years old, Hessam discovered his love of art and his talent for painting with the inspiration and encouragement of a high school teacher. Hessam continued to "fine tune" his painting techniques throughout his high school career by studying architecture and calligraphy.

Only two years after discovering his love for painting, at age seventeen, Hessam received top honors in a student competition. This was the first in a series of awards Hessam has received. The following year, Hessam again won top honors in the Iranian "New Artist Competition." After this prestigious recognition, Hessam garnered many other national and international awards for his paintings.

Hessam continued his artistic studies in Italy, where he completed his Master of Fine Arts Degree at the Accademia Di Belle Arti, Pietro Vanucci. The bright colors of Italy and the contrast of a quiet and relaxed artistic atmosphere greatly influenced Hessam. While in Italy, Hessam concentrated on portraiture and studies of the human anatomy, he also branched out and studied impressionism, surrealism, cubism, and modern art.

Hessam then returned to Iran for five years, where he found the country in a state of revolution. Due to the turmoil Hessam witnessed in his homeland, his painting style dramatically changed. The colors Hessam used were much darker, the activities he depicted were more frenetic and there was no longer a sense of realism in his works. Hessam was part of a collaborative effort to create a book of poetry and art entitled "Screams;" however, this book was considered unacceptable to the Iranian government due to the book's powerful political and religious overtones.

As a result of the constraints he faced in Iran, Hessam felt compelled to leave his homeland and to return to Italy. His paintings became colorful, dramatic, exciting and bold once again. Hessam continued to experiment with new forms of figurative expression. In 1984, after residing in Italy for about two years, Hessam immigrated to Los Angeles.

Newbury Fine Arts has held two major shows for Hessam. The artist has exhibited throughout the world in Europe, Asia, and North America. The French Press has described Hessam's paintings as "a statement in the fluidity of human figures with tension between each figure, a kinship that provokes the viewer to seek reasons for such a relationship."


1980 Museum of Contemporary Arts , Tehran
1986 San Bernardino Museum Of Art
2006 Museum of Arts and Science, Daytona Florida
2009 Latino Art Museum , Pomona California
2010 Museum of Contemporary Art, Hot Springs, Arkansas

2006 Key to the City, Ormond Beach, Florida
2007 Honorary Doctorate from American Liberty University, California



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