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Charlotte Reine

b. 1956

Charlotte Reine is an exceptionally gifted French artist, who was born in 1956 in Chamon Feuferoiles Loire, France. Her lithographs, etchings, oils and watercolors lend us a vision of the world that is unfettered by adult sensibilities and that restores the wonderment, simplicity and whimsy of our natural world. It is a childlike absorption with images that have not been ordered, compartmentalized and ultimately dismissed at a glance, as adults are wont to do.

Reine began experimenting with her own designs on etching plates while working as a printer for her mother, the accomplished Parisian artist Gilberte Brillant, and others, while a college student. At twenty she took part in group shows of young French artists showcased in Paris and Nantes. The following year she had her first one-woman show in Brussels. Exposure and acclaim in the United States followed soon after. Since 1978, she has had over 17 one-woman shows at various art galleries. She has participated in group exhibitions at Galerie L'Argie Agu, Brussels, Belgium, Centre d'Art Rive Gauche, Paris, Centre Cultural d'Auxelle, France, Galerie Matisse, France as well as major international art fairs in Paris, Basel, Switzerland, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Charlotte Reine extrapolates the essence of her subjects with a few masterfully selected details; her images are soft and tactile. Even in the difficult etching medium she achieves a wondrous pastel coloring. Attempting to describe her creative process, Reine has said that the receiving paper is her central concern. "For a moment the light passes through the color, but it is always the paper which is the base of my engraving. My fascination with its myth forbids me to cover it completely -- it alone is free of all restraint and absorption."

Charlotte Reine continues to create and develop her artwork in her studio in Paris.

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