Thomas Pradzynski
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b. 1951

Thomas Pradzynski was born on November 29, 1951 in Lodz, Poland and died in Paris, Francein December 2007. An internationally renowned Modern Realist, Pradzynski fused a realistic painting technique with romantic subject matter, intimately combining a longing sense of nostalgia with the immediacy of the present. Through his acrylic paintings on canvas, Pradzynski romanticized the empty streets and traces of the past in an effort to preserve places that are slowly disappearing. Living and painting in Paris had brought this Polish-born artist's vision to light, and his images show that he has accomplished his goal. Fine art collectors around the world sit back and allow their hearts to reminisce as their eyes stroll through Pradzynski's deserted European streets.

It is through Pradzynski's keen colorist eye that each meticulous detail of his beloved urban landscapes reveals his personal passion. Pradzynski's paintings are often masterpieces of luminosity and serve as dramatic testimony to the artist's brilliant aesthetics. In a world where many artists simply borrow and repeat other artists' styles, Thomas Pradzynski stands alone, illuminated by his own glorious Realism.

Pradzynski's work is part of the permanent collection of the Polish Museum of America in Chicago, Illinois, and has been exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition, he has been the subject of two fine art books published to date. Newbury Fine Arts is proud and excited to exhibit Thomas Pradzynski's work.

1968 Baccalaureate Graduate of Lycee Francaise, Warsaw Poland
1968-70 Drawing studies at Academis Szutk Pieknych, Warsaw Poland
1970-76 MS Graduate in Social & Economic Sciences SGPIS and Art & Architecture studies at Ecole Politecnique, Warsaw, Poland

1987-2004 Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco and New York
1990 Tokyo Art Expo, Tokyo, Japan
1990-91 Los Angeles Art Expo, California
1991 Odakyu Department Store, Tokyo, Japan
Frankfurt Buchmesse, Frankfurt, Germany
Toronto Art Expo, Toronto, Canada
Takashimaya Department Store, Tokyo, Japan
Daiwa Department Store, Niigata City, Japan
1991-92 TIAS Art Expo, Tokyo, Japan
1991-95 Art Expo New York, New York
1992, '94, '95 Art Miami, Florida
1993 One-man art exhibitions:
Washington D.C.; Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois
1994 Las Vegas Art Expo, Nevada
National book signing tour promoting Thomas Pradzynski:
Modern Realist I
One-man exhibitions:
Dallas, Texas; Newport Beach, California; Washington D.C.;
Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland Ohio
1995 New Trends Art Fair, Hong Kong
1995, '97 One-man exhibition:
Beverly Hills, California
1997 Tokyo Kaikan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
International Fine Art and Antique Fair, Washington D.C.
1998 One-man exhibition:
Boston, Massachusetts
1999 Permanent Collection, Polish Museum, Chicago, Illinois
1999-2000 National book signing tour promoting Thomas Pradzynski:
Modern Realist II
One-man exhibitions:
Beverly Hills, California; Carmel, California; Boston, Massachusetts; Washington D.C.; Kansas City, Missouri; Denver, Colorado; New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; Del Ray Beach, Florida; Kona, Hawaii; Maui, Hawaii; Laguna Beach,
California; Aspen, Colorado; Park City, Utah
2000 One-man exhibition:
Carmel, California
2001 One-man exhibitions:
Laguna Beach, California; Aspen, Colorado; Kansas City,
Missouri; Denver, Colorado
2002 One-man exhibitions:
Beverly Hills, California; Aspen, Colorado; Santa Fe, New
Mexico; Laguna Beach, California
2003 One-man exhibitions:
Kona, Hawaii; Maui, Hawaii; Honolulu, Hawaii; Carmel,
California; Aspen, Colorado; La Jolla, California; Scottsdale,
2005 One-man exhibition:
Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

Famous Collectors
Harry Hamlin; Jackie Collins; Donna Mills; Denzel Washington; Tim
Allen; Former Secretary of State, Lawrence S. Eagleburger; Former
Secretary of Defence, Casper Weinberger

In Addition
His paintings are in the corporate collections of Bristol Meyers and CBS
Warner Brothers used three of his graphics in Jeff Bridges' movie The